Thursday, August 22

Fair Food Week - An Inspiring Talk

I was very inspired today to start off my blogging practice again for I realise what a powerful tool social media is, even reading back the posts of my past, it brought forth a great feeling of nostalgia. How powerful one's words could be to one's future self. :)

But let's put that aside and talk about something really interesting that happened today.

It is Fair Food Week in Melbourne this week and we (me and my design class) were fortunate enough to be invited to the Locavore Edition @ Federation Square.

There were 6 amazing speakers that were from different sectors of the food system and they were basically giving their views on food management and food problems in Australia and how they were tackling those problem, one at a time. Links as listed below:

It is great to be hearing their initiatives for this new sector of food management and realising the many things that we, as consumers and designers can bring to the table. From the food production, to its transportation, to its food storage and usage and finally at the end of life, it is important that we start to think of innovative ways to tackle the problem that occurred within the life cycle of food in general. I guess what I am trying to say is that it is good that we are preserving the quality of our food, and through that reducing many problems such as our decreasing health and also reducing commercial farming.

I can honestly say that from someone who do not really cared about food before and having to work on 3 waste projects so far, I am happy to say that I am grateful the opportunity to be a part of this movement to change the world, to gain sufficient knowledge about waste and to make the world a better place. To be a designer whom can actually make real decisions that affects the future. :)

We really have to go against the norm, start reusing plates during buffet sessions, stop Chinese banquets with the elaborately crazy amount of food and go dumpster diving. *Thumbs up*

Today had really opened my eyes up to the possibilities of a better future and I can't wait for the end of the semester to see what me and my team can come up with to solve the problem within out respective community.

Lots of love! Signing off...

Sunday, August 4


It has been a long time since I've written anything on this little blog of mine and in the span that I haven't written about my views of my world, I've grown. I've grown and I've experienced and I've seen things that really hit me hard on the face.

It seems all pretty stupid of me all of a sudden as I realise that this little documentation of my life's journey consist of many unimportant things. Many unimportant things such as proms, what to wear for a wedding, how are people going to judge me based on what I wear/ how I look.

I now live in a society in which most of my peers judge me on my actions and I am conformed into this creature whom I don't know. I used to pick up the garbage on the street and throw it to the nearest bins, I used to sing really loudly when I am bored and entertained myself, I used to be involved in my school activity, being active and energetic. Now; I am hiding in the corners trying to put away plastic cups which I collected to be used as paint palettes, I got told off by a friend for taking my used plate back for a second helping for a buffet, I got weird stares as I rummaged through the scrap bins to find materials that other designers thrown out... I feel so outraged that people judge me on my good intentions and also feel upset that I can't move freely in my own body. But the worst is when I am judge on my appearance. I am not old enough, not tall enough, too dark skinned, too Asian, along with whatever nonsense in the mix (especially being a designer, people think that I should be dressing more "appropriately" and more presentable...)

Well here is a message for you world! I don't need to be judge. I am a speck of dust in the ocean who had the best life has to offer. What is most important is there are many problems that need to be access rather than my petty little problems. I am doing my part as a designer to help those that are less privileged than me. What about you?

I don't judge people, I want to make change and I want to be a designer who, not put so much effort on aesthetics of things, but rather be a designer who put all his/her efforts focused on the aesthetics of people. Designing systems and making life changing decision that better alter someone's life. To help those in need of help and honesty.

All I want to say is: Do your part too.

Don't judge and be grateful for what you have. Love life and live it to the very last breath.  

Thursday, November 8

Hello world!

I decided I want to start blogging for my holidays again! Because I am free!! :D

Sorry I have been away for so long but my course is, as some of you might already know... SUPER DEMANDING!
No time to eat, sleep, or take care of myself, let alone take care of other people. So... sorry my friends if I have neglected you. :(  You all know how much this means to me and that I have fallen deeply in love with something called design.

Ok, so what I really want to talk about today is the RMIT industrial design graduate show! They had really rocked the house! It was AMAZING! And what was even more amazing than seeing the objects in exhibition is actually seeing the process of making the object and knowing the person who made them.

Let me get this straight and explain something really clearly about design. Design is very different from art and science. It is, to me the most sophisticated, ultimate thinking process. It is, dare I say, the Earth and beyond... literally. Aerospace, automotive, fashion, systems, military, games... Whether be it holding an aesthetic value for an individual or for utility purpose for the community, it is ALL design. It is history, it is man, it is advancement and most of all, it is change!

So now that you roughly had an idea what design is, let me just talk about this exhibition. Most people I realise do not understand the efforts designers put in their design. I mean to me, I LOVE museums, libraries, exhibitions, craft markets or anything of that sort. Because I just feel so empowered to jump up and scream to the world how incredibly inspiring to walk amongst the works of people who are able to think differently and amazingly on how to change the world, how to change views and how to change themselves. To grow. My goodness, it is just the most amazing feeling to be able to admire people's work, to gain ideas and inspirations. Of course, tonight I had gained a fair bit of inspiration and with it also a few worries...


Yes, it does kind of makes me feel shitty that my work is not at that level yet but hey! That is what learning is for! I truly believe in the saying:"With time comes wisdom and courage." So... I will get there with continuous efforts and motivations! No worries!

Hopefully I will get some details on the RMIT post-graduate show soon! Maybe they will set up a gallery or something so then everyone can see how amazing it was. :D  

Till then, Goodbye and see you in Malaysia!

Tuesday, April 3

Long time since I blogged

I always break my promise. LOL.. Just not discipline enough to blog more often.. XD

Anyways, I am just looking through some of my photos today and trying to sort out what is to be develop.. I have so much redundancy that I don't even want to look at it! I wonder if other people have the same problem... Then there is also so many missing photos, which makes me so sad. It makes me sad because, then I don't have any memories about the time that I had or what did I do. What if I lost my memory one day and wanted to remember the past?? :( 

Other than that,I also found out that I am a freaking hoarder. I have so many pictures of things that I got from the internet that although I don't like it anymore, I still keep it. LOL... Not to mention so many pictures of hot guys that I'm sure in 10 years time, 10 TB won't be enough. XD

Such an irony isn't it?? I'm doing a project about e-waste but then here I am using the life out of my poor thumbdrive and hard disk. :(  I feel so guilty. The same thing goes for my food now. I am really obsessed with not wasting any food now. NOTHING must goes in the bin!! I practically lick my bowl clean now and force myself to eat everything on the plate although I feel like throwing up. :( It's a sad life, but really, I want to make a change!!

Starting by joining this famine: World Vision Malaysia 30-Hour-Famine

Peace to the world yo! This post is inspired by Naked Like the Moon_ Michael Learns to Rock

Tuesday, December 27

A little joy

Hey people! As you all know, Christmas is over and this Christmas, I received a very special gift from my mum.

I now have a pet algae!! :D Wacky I know... It's call a marimo. I only came to know about marimo when I bought it. My brother took us (Me and my mum) to see it and instantly, I fell in love with it! How could you not?? It's a fluffy green  LIVING BREATHING ball!!

My mum saw that I liked it so much, she bought it for me on the spot. And that my friend, is how I got my Christmas present! I hope it lives happily and hopefully, for the rest of my life, I'll be able to take care of it. This is the thing that will show that I care! It'll be my training for my future when I get a dog. To care and feed it everyday and take care of it when it's sick or pregnant with a baby marimo. :D  Weeee!! This is going to be fun!

Yeap... This is my baby Momo. :D

So that's all for today. Introducing Momo to everyone! :D My best Christmas gift ever, a gift of eternal life.

Merry Christmas!