Thursday, November 8

Hello world!

I decided I want to start blogging for my holidays again! Because I am free!! :D

Sorry I have been away for so long but my course is, as some of you might already know... SUPER DEMANDING!
No time to eat, sleep, or take care of myself, let alone take care of other people. So... sorry my friends if I have neglected you. :(  You all know how much this means to me and that I have fallen deeply in love with something called design.

Ok, so what I really want to talk about today is the RMIT industrial design graduate show! They had really rocked the house! It was AMAZING! And what was even more amazing than seeing the objects in exhibition is actually seeing the process of making the object and knowing the person who made them.

Let me get this straight and explain something really clearly about design. Design is very different from art and science. It is, to me the most sophisticated, ultimate thinking process. It is, dare I say, the Earth and beyond... literally. Aerospace, automotive, fashion, systems, military, games... Whether be it holding an aesthetic value for an individual or for utility purpose for the community, it is ALL design. It is history, it is man, it is advancement and most of all, it is change!

So now that you roughly had an idea what design is, let me just talk about this exhibition. Most people I realise do not understand the efforts designers put in their design. I mean to me, I LOVE museums, libraries, exhibitions, craft markets or anything of that sort. Because I just feel so empowered to jump up and scream to the world how incredibly inspiring to walk amongst the works of people who are able to think differently and amazingly on how to change the world, how to change views and how to change themselves. To grow. My goodness, it is just the most amazing feeling to be able to admire people's work, to gain ideas and inspirations. Of course, tonight I had gained a fair bit of inspiration and with it also a few worries...


Yes, it does kind of makes me feel shitty that my work is not at that level yet but hey! That is what learning is for! I truly believe in the saying:"With time comes wisdom and courage." So... I will get there with continuous efforts and motivations! No worries!

Hopefully I will get some details on the RMIT post-graduate show soon! Maybe they will set up a gallery or something so then everyone can see how amazing it was. :D  

Till then, Goodbye and see you in Malaysia!

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