Thursday, August 22

Fair Food Week - An Inspiring Talk

I was very inspired today to start off my blogging practice again for I realise what a powerful tool social media is, even reading back the posts of my past, it brought forth a great feeling of nostalgia. How powerful one's words could be to one's future self. :)

But let's put that aside and talk about something really interesting that happened today.

It is Fair Food Week in Melbourne this week and we (me and my design class) were fortunate enough to be invited to the Locavore Edition @ Federation Square.

There were 6 amazing speakers that were from different sectors of the food system and they were basically giving their views on food management and food problems in Australia and how they were tackling those problem, one at a time. Links as listed below:

It is great to be hearing their initiatives for this new sector of food management and realising the many things that we, as consumers and designers can bring to the table. From the food production, to its transportation, to its food storage and usage and finally at the end of life, it is important that we start to think of innovative ways to tackle the problem that occurred within the life cycle of food in general. I guess what I am trying to say is that it is good that we are preserving the quality of our food, and through that reducing many problems such as our decreasing health and also reducing commercial farming.

I can honestly say that from someone who do not really cared about food before and having to work on 3 waste projects so far, I am happy to say that I am grateful the opportunity to be a part of this movement to change the world, to gain sufficient knowledge about waste and to make the world a better place. To be a designer whom can actually make real decisions that affects the future. :)

We really have to go against the norm, start reusing plates during buffet sessions, stop Chinese banquets with the elaborately crazy amount of food and go dumpster diving. *Thumbs up*

Today had really opened my eyes up to the possibilities of a better future and I can't wait for the end of the semester to see what me and my team can come up with to solve the problem within out respective community.

Lots of love! Signing off...

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